Americas Preferred Bridge Builders

Cayo Costa State Park

Golf Coast Construction specializes in design and construction of timber vehicular bridges, golf course bridges and retaining walls, boardwalks and other outdoor structures in public parks and residential developments.

Quality materials combined with sound engineering, unique design, and rapid deployment — we create functional results in a timely fashion that fit in beautifully with your environment. Golf Coast Construction is America’s Preferred Bridge Builder.

We specialize in:

  • construction over varied terrain situations, environmentally sensitive wetlands, and conservation areas.
  • structures with low environmental impact that blend with surroundings.

The Golf Coast Guarantee

Golf Coast Construction guarantees an engineered bridge solution of the highest quality and structural integrity. We use only top-grade materials and components to ensure state-of-the-art, long lasting and durable structures.

Clients All Across America

With a nationwide client base we’ve designed projects in varying climates for:

  • country clubs
  • golf and residential communities
  • as well as town municipalities
  • governmental and environmental agencies

Proven Experience

We take pride in over 20 years experience in the timber construction industry. Our knowledge of timber products and how they react in varied climates and circumstances allows us to implement solutions in sensitive wildlife conservation areas, as well as heavily-trafficked urban environments.

Our team of professionals take your project from zero to hero in record time, creating dependable results and drawing from a pool of expertise in:

  • design
  • civil and structural engineering
  • landscape architecture
  • urban development
  • heavy timber
  • complete site development
  • heavy & light machinery operation

Timely and Diligent Project Completion

Completing projects on time is paramount concern for our clients and we take our work seriously. With over ONE THOUSAND completed projects under our belt, we’ve encountered and overcome just about every type of obstacle in the industry.

In specific situations, our high-profile clients demand time-sensitive results for maintenance and replacements to reduce golf course closure. Golf Coast always works diligently to produce results for the toughest of schedules — sometimes even replacing bridges overnight.

Top Quality

Our wood beam structures and bridges provide sustainable, ecologically-sensitive, and natural alternatives that connect roadways, golf cart paths and foot trails over complicated and often delicate landscapes.

We use only the highest quality materials available — from galvanized steel fasteners and bolts, to pressure-treated lumber and glue laminated beams — making your solution durable, weather resistant, and structurally safe.

Unique Design

Through our design process, we take into consideration not only your requirements but also the ecological & climatic variations, and topography of your project’s location. Our specialty is creating natural forms that blend in beautifully with the surroundings and minimize human impact on the local ecosystem.

Intelligent design, marked by top quality timber products, make the resulting installations durable, weather proof, and suitable to your specific climate and environmental needs.